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For the past 20 years the Nutrition and Health Center has helped thousands of people know more abundant health and freedom from disease. We have done this through repeating effective principles for success and applying them to our client’s programs. Each program is tailored to their specific health needs based on information provided through health history forms, symptom questionnaires and clinical assessments.


The information gathered provides a picture of current health status. We are then able to begin to answer some very important questions; what do you want for your health? what does health look like? what do you need to do to have health? These questions are important because they drive us to learn what we need to choose to have what we want. Health education is vital for success. It is easier to choose something that you can clearly see.


We have been looking at health for over 22 years and we have grown to be effective at choosing it. That is why we provide you with guidance on what you can do. We are passionate about the most effective therapeutic care and nutrition products. We are interested in results because we know that you are too. Our founder, Steve Steeves, had to have the most effective care and nutrition in order to be healed. He began the Nutrition and Health Center so that he could share his healing with you. Click here to read his story.

Assess - Specific, Measurable Results

Specific, measurable results are very powerful when pursuing health. We can accurately identify hidden causes of symptoms and disease with our Functional Health Assessments. These assessments reveal underlying … Continue reading

Educate - Know health, know freedom

Throughout our process we believe it is our duty to educate you on the truth about disease and health. We also help you see how having a healthy … Continue reading

Heal - Services

Our services include consultations, nutrition and therapy. We provide some of the best services in the natural health industry. Because we partner with you and do extensive testing … Continue reading

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