Exercise is easier than you think

I’ve heard people at gyms talk about how reaching peak performance is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Unfortunately, it’s usually mentioned jokingly. Not many people at the gym apply that knowledge. Although the percentages may not be exact, the general principle is effective. Make more effort to get your nutrition right.

Regarding the 20% effort towards exercise, the following tips can help you implement it into your life simply and effectively.

  1. Evaluate your movement
  2. Learn how to move better
  3. Learn movements you can do anywhere
  4. Write a plan and follow it
  5. Do it when you don’t feel like it
  6. Do it when you do feel like it
  7. 5 minutes once a day is better than 35 min once a week
  8. Exercise during your breaks
  9. Do mobility exercises first thing in the morning and before bed
  10. Do mobility exercises before and after training sessions


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