Before you start fitness training

Before you start fitness training there are several things that would be good to do to set yourself up for success. There are primary patterns of movement that our body is best conditioned while moving in. Those patterns are based on what we know about our body and the way it is constructed. There are different approaches and opinions in the health, therapy, and training industry on what a person should do to recover from injury or reach the peak of athletic fitness. From examining and testing many of the approaches available I have noticed a few common threads that I would like to share with you.

Set clear and specific goals

No one has achieved anything without setting clear, specific goals. It doesn’t matter how nice or well meaning you are, if you don’t know where you are going you won’t get anywhere. This point needs to be addressed first because no one wants to do a bunch of exercises that are taking you nowhere.

We need to know where we are, to get where we want to go

It’s great to set goals but if you aren’t open and honest enough to reveal what you are doing and admit that your current position is largely a result of your choices you will not move. If you want better health or fitness you need to be gently critical of your current way of life. Gentle because if you condemn yourself too much then you won’t have the confidence to believe change is possible. And critical because you know that there are things you can do better. A good start that I recommend everyone do before starting a fitness training plan is evaluating your movement quality with some kind of movement evaluation. I call the one I preform a Functional Movement Evaluation.

A step by step or gradual process of progression is essential to reach a destination

When a house is built, a detailed plan is put together to understand what it is going to cost to complete the project and the labor that is needed. The same thing goes for building your body. You don’t necessarily have to write a extremely detailed plan to get good results, however, the more precise you are the easier it is to follow and the easier it will be to attain results.

Consistent daily exercise is vital

If you have a goal, know where you are and have a step by step plan to reach your goal but you don’t do the work you won’t get there. Gradually building a daily habit of exercise that you enjoy and that benefits you is the best way to meet your fitness goals.

Check out our YouTube page to view several exercises that are helpful for developing better fitness. Click here to view

Our Fitness Training sessions and classes help you move better to avoid injuries, aches and pains so you can maintain your daily training.

Contact us at 281-440-0024 or click the button to schedule an appointment. We also have package options, if you are interested please let us know.

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Burn fat with strength training

The reason strength training helps you burn fat is because strength training stimulates muscle growth. When you have more muscle, you burn more fat calories.

Although aerobic exercise may be the most effective exercise for burning fat, when you do strength training Continue reading

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Exercise is easier than you think

I’ve heard people at gyms talk about how reaching peak performance is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Unfortunately, it’s usually mentioned jokingly. Not many people at the gym apply that knowledge. Although the percentages may not be exact, the general principle is effective. Make more effort to get your nutrition right.

Regarding the 20% effort towards exercise, the following tips can help you implement it into your life simply and effectively. Continue reading

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Jason’s simple hummus recipe

I don’t know when my affinity for hummus began but I must say that it is a favorite. I really enjoyed particular kinds of hummus from the store that were made with olive oil. But it was very hard to find those particular products and they were expensive. So I decided one day to make hummus myself. I looked up a recipe online and followed it as closely as I could. There were one or two differences so I guess I made it my own.

If you would like to enjoy homemade hummus I would try this simple recipe and see how it goes. If it seem like too much work or that it takes too long, don’t worry, the more often you make it the quicker you will get and after a while you will make little tweaks of your own that make it even more wonderful in your opinion. Continue reading

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How the Body Works: Overview of Organ Systems (Guest post)

How the Body Works: Overview of Organ Systems By Dr. Ben Kim

If you want to be relatively free of the fear of not knowing enough about your health that you have to rely on others to make big decisions for you, it’s critical that you take some time to learn about how your body works.

The goal of this series of articles is to give you a broad look at the major organ systems in your body and how they work together to keep you well. As you read this series, I encourage you to adopt the mindset of having to learn this material well enough to teach it to a group of junior high school students – this mindset should lead to an excellent understanding of how to care for your health.

Before we look at the major organ systems that work to keep you well, let’s first review some basic definitions. Continue reading

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Are Antibiotics Really Necessary?

Are Antibiotics Really Necessary? By the late Andreas Moritz. An excerpt from his book Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation.

Antibiotics have dominated the field of health for nearly 60 years. Known as a “magic bullet” treatment or “miracle drug,” antibiotics, meaning “against life,” can speedily destroy hordes of disease-causing bacteria. They are the most popular choice of the medical profession for stopping infections and relieving pain. At least one of every six prescriptions written each year is for an antibiotic drug. Antibiotics are so popular with doctors and patients because they provide relief very quickly.

Having grown up in a generation in which antibiotics are frequently prescribed for a stubborn case of cystitis, a sore throat or an itchy skin rash, we may readily accept that the “magic bullet” prescribed by the doctor is the best option to deal with such bacterial infections.

Although every medical student knows that viral infections (including colds and the flu) do not respond to antibiotics, millions of people who are afflicted with these ills still receive antibiotic prescriptions from their doctors. Continue reading

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What health information can we trust?

There is some much misinformation out there, at times I feel like shouting from the roof top.

My husband and I began a journey less traveled 32 years ago. In truth, we are our own 32 year research experiment. And now our children and grandchildren are part of the study.

I recently read that John’s Hopkins did a study and they found that consuming too many vegetables causes autism. Really? Hmmm, well I don’t have autism and my children don’t have autism and my grandchildren don’t have autism and we all consume a good amount of vegetables. Who actually funded this study and what did they hope to gain?

Continue reading

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Detoxify and clear out the fat

Our body was designed for an abundance of energy, peace and joy. We can experience this on a consistent basis if we make adjustments to our lifestyle.


If you have excess body fat or swelling there are reasons for this and it can be turned around. A primary cause is an excess of toxin build up in your liver. Your liver has the ability to take fat and turn it into waste, water and energy. If the pathway is clear, the waste will be removed from the body and the water and energy will be used for your benefit for more energy, clear thinking and a peaceful sense of well being. For centuries, natural health professionals all over the world have understood the power of the liver over the health of the body. It was a key component to the healing of Steve and the hundreds of people who have come to him for help over the last 22 years.


Two product offers listed on our newsletter (click here to view newsletter) will bring you through a 10 day detox. This detox does a great job of helping get your liver cleansed out and back to preforming it’s many functions more effectively. You can take 2-3 servings of fish oil each day while you follow the 10 day detox program guide.

For best results, set up a 30 minute appointment to get guidance on your detox.

Contact us to set up your appointment or order your detox packet.
[email protected]

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Solve the Stress Mess – Video and Audio

What a great turn out we had this past Friday! We always enjoy the fellowship with everyone.


FullSizeRender 2

Steve and Jason shared about stress, how it effects our lives and what we can do to balance stress naturally to live a more abundant life. Check out the video excerpts and full audio recording below. To join us January 8th for our next meeting – click here.

Here is the full audio recording (approximately 53 minutes):

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Defend from Disease Meeting – Audio Recording

What a great turn out we had last week! The largest group we have had this fall for our lunch meetings.

IMG_3109(crop)  IMG_3106

We had great fellowship, food and informative teaching from Steve on how to defend from disease. You can listen to the teaching below.


Join us next month, December 11th from 12:30pm – 1:30pm, to know what to do to solve the stress mess naturally. There is limited seating and we expect a full house next month so call today to reserve your seat! 281-440-0024

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